Saturday, 28 February 2015

falling in love (again)

Fell completely in love with Perth, on my short trip there. Felt like a cross between a neat little city in a beautiful setting and Milton Keynes. Redway-type cycle-paths everywhere, plus free bus travel in the centre, whats not to like?

I think staying in a hotel nestled into the hillside that makes up Kings Park, that seemed to be run by Dutch people, and that felt like falling back into the 1970s - including period furniture and free bikes - together with a fabulous morning and evening ride along the banks of the Swan river to the University of Western Australia campus; and LOW humidity, all worked in its favour.

Perthians (Perthites? Perthers?) I spoke to mainly noted that it 'isn't as quiet as it used to be' though, which might just be damning with faint praise.

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