Thursday, 13 November 2014

all about envelopes

And whilst we are talking stationery: maybe these dis/ordinary moments are not just geographical discrepancies but also to do with the speed of historical change ( as I get older I definitely feel all sorts of slippages with both contemporary space and time.) 

A much younger colleague, A, admitted to his confusion about the office needing a whole cupboard for envelopes. A shelf maybe he thought, but not a floor-to-ceiling cupboard. Envelopes for him in all their myriad variations - sizes, colours, windowed and windowless, containing internal/external intentions - were just a distant memory ( if he had ever used them at all). N, L and I all tried to explain what the differences were, as we had used each type for its required responsibilities at some stage in the past. But A's eyes just glazed over. You could see he didn't really believe us.   

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